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Moondrop BLESSING 3 | The Third Blessing

▶️ Demo unit is available for auditions now!

The 3rd iteration of the popular BLESSING series from Moondrop, the BLESSING 3 (B3) builds upon the solid foundation of the outgoing BLESSING 2 (B2) that sets the standard at the RM1000~RM1500 price bracket.

Starting from the ergonomics, the BLESSING 3 has similar housing design and overall shape as the previous model. It can be on a bigger side if you have smaller ears but this time around the BLESSING 3 has a smaller nozzle diameter, opening up more options for a wider range of eartips and potentially new suitors who find the old B2 to be too chonky.


I am a big fan of the new polished stainless steel faceplate with angular design, it makes the BLESSING 3 look more premium compared to the previous model. The trade off being that the stainless steel surface is very reflective and any micro-scratches will be shown up easily, so be sure to take extra caution when storing the earphone.

Similar to the B2, the BLESSING 3 has a Hybrid Driver setup, albeit tweaked with new Balanced Armature Drivers and Dual 10mm Dynamic Driver in a 4BA+2DD configuration. Each driver has its own structure and sound tube that's 3D printed to ease installation process and consistency. The Dual Dynamic Driver is installed in what Moondrop calls the H.O.D.D.U.S module, two drivers are horizontally opposed in order to bring out more powerful and controlled low frequency.


For me, I find that the BLESSING 3 is an improvement upon the predecessor. Being more detailed and technical, it retains the neutral sound signature with great tonal balance and lovely vocal presentation. Treble segment now has slightly more extension, clarity and transparency, bright characteristics but still well within the realms of over bright and spiky. Low frequency performance has been improved thanks to the Dual DD config and the H.O.D.D.U.S module, more punchy, tighter response and slightly more sub bass quantity compared to the predecessor.



With pricing remaining similar as B2, the BLESSING 3 is a compelling step up from the entry-level range. Similar to the HD600 series from Sennheiser, it is the first pair that I would consider as a potential end game..


✒️ Author : Danny  | 📷 Photo : Han
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■ 4BA + 2DD Hybrid
■ 3-way Crossover
■ H.O.D.D.U.S (Horizontally-Opposed 2DD Module)
■ Detachable 0.78mm CM Pin Cable
■ 3D printed housing and components
■ Hand-polished Stainless Steel Faceplate

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