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Moondrop Starfield II | Bedazzled

▶️ Available for pre-order now!

Moondrop has now launched the Starfield II, a refresh model from the coveted OG Starfield, which made huge waves in the budget audiophile space back in 2019. The Starfield II has not only improved its sound quality, but also added a lot of practical upgrades. Starting from the driver, the Starfield II utilizes an all new lithium-magnesium alloy dome diaphragm dynamic driver unit which is said to greatly improve the treble response. The IEM shell retains the sparkly galaxy blue finish just like the original, and now features a new Brass acoustic nozzle design which further enhances the timbre and tone. Just like the CHU2, it also has replaceable acoustic filters in case of blockages. Another stand out feature is the added new off-center air-pressure vent with a bass-booster plug included, which helps with air pressure and can be used to improve the bass response for the Starfield II.

📷 Photo : Moondrop

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■ 10mm Mg-Li-Alloy dome composite diaphragm
■ new brass nozzle with replaceable filters
■ new air pressure vent with bass-booster plug
■ improved detachable 2 pin 0.78mm cable

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◇ Retail : RM499 (PM for best price)

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