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Moondrop Stellaris | Intergalactic
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Moondrop has been known now to be a competitive player in the chi-fi field and recently, they have finally ventured into the new category of planar IEMs with their Stellaris. How does it compare to their other offerings?

The Stellaris is a planar driver IEM with an overall bright in tuning. Like most planars, they have a high amount of detail at their price point of RM509, having a rather decent soundstage as well. Due to its tuning, snares come off as crisp, suitable for classical.

The weakness of the Stellaris then would actually be with vocals. Due to its sharpness, it has issues with female-based vocals which can occasionally come off as sharp or unpleasant on some tracks. For male vocals, while the effect generally isn’t as prominent, it can still come off as a tad flat due to its tuning being more focused towards treble rather than bass. 

Overall, the Stellaris is a good competitor with the rest of the other planar IEMs that have been hitting the market en masse as of late. Unlike its competitors which aim towards being all-rounders, it’s clear that the Stellaris was more meant to be a specialist in a way considering it renders things like wind instruments as well as cymbals rather clearly. It’s worth the buy if you are looking for a bright leaning IEM with a good instrumental presentation.

✒️ Author : Aaron | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei

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■ 14.5mm Planar Driver

■ 117dB/Vrms 
■ 36 Ohms
■ High-Precision Sub-Nanometer Driver
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 □ Retail : RM509 (PM for best price)

 □ Top up RM18 for ePro EP01 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair

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