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✒️ Written by Kah Hon | 📷 Photo credit : Hai Wei


Our favourite anime inspired company is back with the Variations, the company’s first attempt in creating a triple hybrid setup featuring 1DD/2BA/2EST drivers, and boy do they make a good first impression. Housed in a 3d printed, smoky translucent matt black resin shell, finished off with a metal faceplate, these IEMs exude a weighty, solid feel. The accessories are also impressive; cable wires made with a solid Coaxial Structure 6N OCC Copper with detachable 3.5mm single ended or 2.5mm/4.4mm balanced connectors all included in the box. More audio brands should make this the standard.

The Variations also adopts Moondrop’s VDSF tuning, taking cues from both the Harman Target as well as the Diffuse Field Target sound signature while adding their own touch to the overall signature. I would describe the sound as neutral but fun; showing accurate clarity as one would expect from a neutral tuning, yet possessing a very delicate tinge of warmth, providing enough engaging, musical tonality throughout to keep it from being too sterile.

Bass has a nice lively natural punch to them while still being fast in decay, mids are slightly forward but not intrusive and the treble is sparkly, with enough clarity to pick out the details but due to the highs being tapered off, reducing the shouty hot presence normally present in neutral tunings. Moondrop’s take on the tribrid setup tuning has been well implemented, having a larger than average soundstage and imaging with good width and depth, allowing listeners to pick apart details with accurate precision.

With great sound, build quality and more importantly, kawaii anime waifus, Moondrop has once again created an IEM that punches well above the price range and a fine example of what a tribrid can sound.


◆ 2EST 1DD 1BA (Tribrid IEM)
◆ Sonion Electrostatic Drivers
◆ 10mm Liquid Crystal Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
◆ Softears-D-Mid-B Custom BA Drivers
◆ Knowles Acoustic Damper
◆ 0.78mm CM Pin Connector
◆ 6N OCC Copper Cable with Coaxial Structure
◆ Detachable Cable Plugs (3.5mm Single Ended / 2.5mm BAL / 4.4mm BAL)
◆ Medical Resin 3D Printing
◆ Sandblasted Stainless Steel Faceplate



✨ Retail : RM2159 | Promo : PM for best price⠀

◇ Top up RM619 IEM-Litz OCC Copper upgraded cable worth RM729
** 8 wires: 7×7 strands 6N OCC, 23awg per wire. Audio Note solder tin.

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