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✒️ Author : Leong | 📷 Photo : Willy
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Moondrop, the well-known name in the IEM scene, is finally releasing the 2nd headphone from their ambitious trifecta lineups of headphones. Since Moondrop announced their headphones research, fellow audiophiles and Moondrop enjoyers are waiting anxiously with their latest releases. Venus is their latest release, the 2nd headphones from the trio of Void(Dynamic Driver), Venus(Planar Magnetic Driver), and Zero(Electrostatic). Venus is emitting its charm, even if you are not using it. The build, design and aesthetic are pleasing, and feels very solid on hand.

Moondrop Venus comes with a self-adjusting headband and removable earpads, both made from leather. It feels solid and very well built the moment you pick it up. The construction has a minimalistic look yet functional design: Venus can be disassembled easily with just a screwdriver, earpads can be easily replaced and the cables are swappable. The perforations on the top of the headband reduces the weight, and the headband supports the head really well. The only downside would probably be the weight, coming down at a staggering 550g(without cables). Despite the weight that puts Audeze to shame, the headphone does not clamp down on the head, instead it just hugs the face softly and firmly.

Venus has a 100mm diaphragm with sub-nanometer thickness and silver etched traces, and dual N52 magnet arrays contribute most of the weight of the headphone. The entire assembly is self-contained, making it an integral part of the frame. The high-frequency waveguide mechanism, built similarly to the Audeze's Fazor waveguide and Hifiman's Stealth Magnet design reduces turbulence and resonance as the sound waves pass through them, reducing distortion and interference. This is shown directly once the earpads were removed, the custom waveguide is laid bare with the silver sheen of the diaphragm.

Overall the Venus has relatively linear responses, neutral-ish tuning. The bass has more focus on the lower end rumble than the mid-bass, and the vocals are lovely. The texture on the vocals are very well portrayed, with smooth treble response. The soundstage is decently wide, has a rectangular imaging spanning to the left and right rather than deeper depth. Moondrop Venus has a softer presentation, and has a more forgiving approach to the recordings. Macro-details are surprisingly well replicated, pacing is adequate, which is surprisingly well done for headphones in the similar range.

Compared to Hifiman Ananda, the Ananda has more laid back vocals, but with better depths. Micro-details wise, Ananda may have a slight upper hand, but staging is slightly smaller compared to Venus. On the treble, Ananda has a more sparkly presence than Venus, with better details retrieval but may be metallic at times. Overall, it is a different approach than Venus and should compliment each other well for different occasions.

Pairing wise, Moondrop Venus does require a fair amount of juice. Despite the low impedance of 18ohm and relatively high sensitivity(100dB/Vrms @ 1kHz), it is beneficial with higher current gain from the amplifier. You could also pair it with Cayin tube headphone amp like HA-3A for a mellower feel or beefier solid-state amps with balanced outputs. The Venus also responds well with cable roll, for example, with our in-house Uranus Litz-Copper, it will have better details retrieval and clarity.

Overall, Moondrop Venus is a breath of fresh air in the booming planar magnetic headphones scene. Do you want equally good looking box art and beautifully crafted grills? Moondrop Venus is there for you!

 ■ 100mm Sub-Nanometer Diaphragm, 1µm Pure Silver Etched Traces
 ■ High Frequency Waveguide Phase Equaliztion Technology
 ■ Interchangeable Dual 3.5mm cable
 ■ Frequency Response: 6Hz - 80kHz
 ■ Impedance: 18ohms ±15% (@1kHz)
 ■ Sensitivity: 100dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

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□ Retail : RM2639
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□ Top up RM640/1.2m, RM843/1.5m, RM1012/2m for Uranus HP-Litz OCC Copper cable worth RM729/1.2m, RM959/1.5m, RM1150/2m.

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