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✒️ Author: Kai Yuan | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei


Bjørn-Erik Edvardsen, a famous name that is familiar to stereo enthusiasts. He is the legendary hero from NAD that brought high quality sound to countless family by inventing high efficiency and low cost designs, the NAD C316BEE V2 reference amplifier is no exception with the iconic PowerDrive amplification design that will optimize the power amplifier setting by having precise operating condition monitoring and uniformly low distortion and maximum power in the real world of music listening is achieved!


We plugged it onto our Dali Oberon 1 and it absolutely sings like a great singer with big and sweet vocals. The sound can be described as warm and analog yet it is still very reference sounding as it has very little colouring to the sound. The bass is bold and doesn’t get boomy at all, it’s well-rounded with good dynamics on kicks and thumps. Above the bass you have a silky vocal and strings that are lush and euphonic, very enjoyable. There was no harshness on the treble as it’s smooth without sacrificing any sort of clarity at all, the image is grand and wide where you can get immersed into the music.


All in all we are glad that we are lucky to be able to have an affordable integrated solution for our fellow audiophiles, and we absolutely enjoyed listening to it, it really felt like a physical memory lane and tribute to the pioneer of NAD - Bjørn-Erik Edvardsen, thank you.



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