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✒️ Author : Kah Hon | 📷 Photo : Willy

See Audio, the young upstart company tugging on the strings for both the audiophile & anime community with the release of the Yume, captivated everyone with their excellent build quality and tuning. Following on the rising success, Yume saw a further collaboration with the popular IEM reviewer Crinicale, to release a slightly enhanced tuning dubbed the Midnight. Now, again with their new model the Bravery, which offers the same impressive design, build quality, and impressive tuning in the already crowded and competitive RM1000 space. Can the 2nd album work it’s magic?

Gazing on the overall package and accessories, the See Audio Bravery really hits it out of the park; featuring a full BA setup from industry legends Knowles and Sonion, wrapped in again a high quality medical grade plastic resin shell, with a beautiful Wenge marble like pattern faceplate with a gold logo and floral insignia layered top. The shells are slightly on the larger side, however the nozzle angle is less intrusive and bulky, able to comfortably fit my medium/small-ish size ears. What’s more, the Bravery comes with a set of Azla Xelastic Sednafit eartips, which is a huge bonus and surprise, as the eartips alone retails for about RM50 per pair. The Azla eartips feature a different kind of polymer material which moulds to the shape of your ear and offers a very grippy feel. Users will either love or hate it, but to get them in the box as standard is a huge plus in my books. To top it all off, the Bravery also comes with a specially customised 6N OCC Hakugei cable. This is probably one of the most premium packages in the price bracket I have seen in recent years. Very impressive.

Now, onto the sound; while the Yume was following the Harman tuning to a T, with a slight emphasis on the vocals, the Bravery shows a more U shape tuning, yet it is quite sophisticated, very well balanced with great tonality. I have to give props and credit to the sound engineer tuning these IEMs; instead of creating a signature sound that wows the user at 1st listen, these are more of a slowburn, only after undergoing a good listening session and your ears have settled to the sound, you’ll notice how well balanced the tuning is across the frequency range.

Bass isn’t its strongest suit; the bass is more focused on midbass and the subbass extension is anaemic, lacking the slam and rumble that bassheads expect. The bass quality however is very good, fast, tight with quite good texture and presence. The tuning for the bass is definitely more on the quality, just wish it had more quantity.

The midrange, like the Yume, is where it shines; it is less sweet/intimate compared to the Yume, but it makes up for having a very good air and separation with the frequency and just enough body for male and female vocals. The bravery upper mid range is more subdued, but in return you have a very detailed yet fatigue free listening. Again, props to the sound engineer who tuned this, a fine balance.

The treble region on the Bravery is a mixed bag, while the extension and separation is above average, it isn’t the most detailed and sparkly compared to the competition. However, because it isn’t as sparkly, silibalance is rarely an issue.

Soundstage is the biggest weakness; it is only average, having a bit of a flat presentation and lacking dynamics. For the asking price, this is an area where it could certainly be further improved and would’ve probably made the Bravery really compete with IEMs above its competitors.

The See Audio Bravery is an interesting entry to the market recently, it takes most of the positives from the Yume and ups the ante particularly with the overall package and accessories included, along with a more mature and sophisticated tuning, it only brings another great choice to the masses with a different tuning and package that stands out from the rest.

◆ 4 Balanced Armature setup (Knowles and Sonion)
◆ Specially customised 6N OCC Hakugei cable
◆ Electronic frequency crossover for smooth distortion-free performance
◆ Premium Azla Xelastec Sednafit ear tips included


□ Retail (normal version) : RM1349 | PM for best price
□ Retail (normal version) : RM1250 | PM for best price

□ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair


■ Physical shop / audio specialist⁣ since 2013
■ Directly import from See Audio (authorised dealer)
■ 100% genuine / warranty covered⁣
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