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✒️ Author : Leong | 📷 Photo : Willy


See Audio debuted their first IEM, Yume in 2021 and garnered quite some followings among listeners and audiophiles alike. The performance and likeable tunings, with affordable pricing catches the hearts of the listeners and getting a well tuned IEM is not a dream anymore.

The See Audio Yume (or better known as Anou in Japanese market) spots a Dynamic Driver with Liquid Silicon Diaphragm which is insensitive to temperature fluctuation which provides a more consistent sound, and 2 custom tuned Balanced Armature. To avoid crossover distortion, See Audio introduces the L.F.C Technology(Low-Frequency Filter Conversion Technology) which added a specially designed front cavity between the dynamic driver and sound tube. It aims to improve overall consistency of the output and ensures no distortion from the crossover effect.

So we have covered the hardware, now we are diving into the tunings, followed by the impressions. Yume is tuned around the Harman Target Curve, for those who are not so familiar with the terms, Harman Target refers to a series of approximated curves of what is acceptable to the masses. In short, the Harman Target defines the most universally liked sound signature. See Audio Yume follows the Harman Target down to the T, having a neutral sound signature with a bass boost in the sub-bass region. This results in a non-offensive and likeable all rounding IEM.

Bass wise, the mid-bass is lesser in quantity but having a more prominent subs. But overall the bass on Yume is tight and on some instances you might need a little more slam from the dynamic driver. On the low end rumbles, it might not give you the bone shaking experience but it is not bloated or bleeding into any other frequencies.

The midrange is the star of the show: it is energetic, prominent, albeit slightly leaner in weight. The vocals are still pleasing, but may introduce a slight tinge to tizziness to the ears with the upper-mids to lower treble. Vocals can be thinner in weight at times, but still retain the imaging properly.

Treble wise, it excels in quantity and in a sense, quite open. But it is a little shy on the extension and leaves the listener grasping a little bit more air and extension. It does present a slight scratchiness or the unevenness in terms of the treble with instruments, but it is still outshone by the tuning and sound profile.

Coming up we have the technicalities and dynamics. It does leave listeners wanting for more details and faster transient when needed the extra speed and snappiness. Dynamic wise, this is the IEM you would actually want more bass in the subs and mid-bass. It doesn't mean that the bass or subs is non-existent, just that you might enjoy it more with a bit more "Ooomph" in the low end. Changing the eartips helps with the clarity. With SpinFit CP100, the bass increases a little more, also helps with the details retrieval and cleans up the smearing in the treble. Along with the eartips rolling, the Moondrop Spring Tips helps with the details and clarity but with the expense of the mid-bass quantity.

Overall, the Yume is an IEM with great tonal design and extremely good fitting. If you dream of getting an IEM with affordable price and top notch tuning, look no further than See Audio. "Yume" like it. 😉


◆ Low-Frequency Filter Conversion(L.F.C.) Technology
◆ Driver Configuration: Liquid Silicone Diaphragm Dynamic Driver + 2 Custom Tuned BA Driver
◆ Impedance: 32ohm
◆ Sensitivity: 106dB / mW
◆ Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
◆ 5N OCC, 0.78mm 2pin and 3.5mm plug


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◇ Retail : RM775 | Promo : PM for best price

◇ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair


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Comments (2)

  • Kozy

    Hi wanna ask, is there any difference on the soundstage and imaging when compared to Moondrop Aria/Kato with Seeaudio Yume

  • Kozy

    Hi wanna ask, is there any difference on the soundstage and imaging when compared to Moondrop Aria/Kato with Seeaudio Yume

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