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The Sennheiser IE600 is an interesting set of earphones. Rather than having a strong initial impression, the IE600 is more of an earphone that grows on you the longer you listen to it.

Bass has a high quality feel, good texture, sub bass can go deep, mid bass hits tight, being non lethargic on pacy tracks.
Treble while not on IE900 level, I'd say some listeners will find it easier listening, resolving enough while still having a high degree of extension.
The midrange in particular I think it's a strong point of IE600. It's natural sounding, well balanced and tuned to compensate for the highs and lows while not feeling overly recessed.

Build quality scores high for me, I like the look of the 3d printed amorphous metal housing, which Sennheiser says will keep it resistant from scratches for a long time. The MMCX socket is slightly recessed in the housing, giving more protection at the cost of needing cables with specific MMCX connectors, which we have available on our Uranus / Effect Audio / Brise Audio cable selections.

Eartip rolling is tough on the IE600. So far stock eartips sound the best for me but the fitting needs quite a lot of adjustment to get it sealed properly.

✒️ Author : Danny | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei
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■ 7mm TrueResponse Transducers
■ Resilient AMLOY-ZR01 Amorphous Metal Housing
■ Dual-resonator chamber (D2CA) technology
■ Gold-plated Fidelity (+) MMCX connectors
■ 4.4mm BAL & 3.5mm S-E Para-Aramid Reinforced Cables

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