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✒️ Author: Hai Wei | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei

Featuring the X3R TrueResponse transducer technology, the IE900 was designed from the ground up to be one the BEST IEM with single dynamic driver. While the audiophile market keeps fitting in more and more drivers into a tiny IEM’s chamber, companies like Sennheiser, Acoustune and Beyerdynamic remains insistent on using the most old school way to show us how powerful a full range dynamic driver can be.

We were impressed by the superb coherency performed by the IE900. Sure, it might not have the sharpness and separation like a multi BAs can exhibit, but the advantage of a full range driver is always the coherency of timing and frequency that without being affected by crossovers. While the width might not be as wide as some of the other TOTL multi BAs IEM, IE900’s sound stage has a very complete and balanced 3 dimensions. You can feel the depth, ambiance and reverberation flowing in the space naturally. The imaging is also solid—not only showing the rich, meaty body, but also expressing the resonance of the singer or instrument with lively, analogue and sentimental tone.

Tonality wise, it sounds much like a combination of the HD800s and HD600/650. The IE900 has the lush surrounding mids of HD600/650, meanwhile the high is pretty clear and transparent—maybe still not as sparkling as a well-driven HD800s, but it’s definitely not a dark sounding headphones like the HD650 with typical “Sennheiser veil”.

IE900 is an IEM which has the ability and vision to perform the “big picture” of the music. It truly sounds very natural, balanced with great integrality and coherency!

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