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The Shanling M6 Ultra, takes on similar design to their popular M3x series with a tuning that is akin to their flagship series the M9. The Ultra features a bright, colourful 5” 1080P LCD screen, with the previous Snapdragon 430 SoC updated to Snapdragon 665, making the overall UI interface much snappier, smoother as well as files and apps load much faster compared to the previous versions.

The M6 Ultra’s tuning has a warmer thicker sound; deep rumbling bass, not the fastest but mids have a more depth and body compared to previous gens. Highs are more smooth off and fatigue free. Has a more dynamic and wide presentation; things sound richer and fuller compared to previous generations. One big change between the previous M6 DAPs are the Ultra is an extremely powerful DAP player; with an output power of 240mW@32Ω (3.5mm) & 720mW@32Ω (4.4mm) respectively, M6 Ultra can drive power hungry multi hybrid models like the Elysian Annihilator on low gain.

M6 Ultra VS M6 Pro (21) - M6 Ultra is thicker sounding, less airy signature, but offers deeper bass response/rumble and slightly better details due to intimate signature. M6 pro signature is more neutral with more airy presentation, soundstage sounds wider due to the more leaner signature

M6 Ultra VS M6 (21) - M6 (21) tuning is similar to the Pro so the comparison is similar. M6 Ultra has better technicalities and resolution due to higher end DAC chipset, along with more driving power. A considerable difference in terms of resolution and clarity.

■ Quad AKM 4493SEQ setup
■ Snapdragon 665, Android 10 OS
■ Output Power: 240mW@32Ω(3.5mm), 720mW@32Ω(4.4mm)
■ 5” 1080p screen, 5650mAh battery
■ Bluetooth option with LDAC/Aptx support

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