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Softears Studio 4 | Warm Neutral

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Softears, as of late has been well received in the head fi space, their IEM lineup has proven to punch above its price point, offering flagship sound quality and a mature and refined sound right from the start. Today we look at the Studio 4, an IEM that is targeting a different demographic, one who are looking for an IEM with a neutral tuning, designed for mixing and stage use.


When it comes to the packaging and overall accessories, the Studio 4 is aptly packaged, featuring a small hard shell case, a cleaning brush, eartips and the IEM cable terminated at 3.5mm and an extension cable too. It is purposefully packaged and utilitarian. Personally, I would like the stock cable to have modular plugs for balanced connections, but I do understand that for stage use and mixing, most mixing equipment will likely run off the 3.5mm or 6.35mm plugs. 



Aesthetically, the Studio 4 has a spartan all black finish, with the company logo and model name on the L+R side. The fit and finish is minimal which suits the intended purpose as being a being an IEM that can be used on and off stage, without attracting too much attention. The shell shape is quite small, and the fit and ergonomics are quite comfortable, being able to wear them for long sessions without fatigue or any soreness.


When it comes to sound, the Studio 4 tuning is almost bang on neutral, every frequency sounds even and nothing sounds boosted or highlighted. The studio 4 tonality is quite warm and smooth though, which isn't what I initially expected with an IEM targeted for mixing/production use. Bass is slightly lean and with its smoothness, there is no hint of bloat or muddiness in the track. There is still snap and kick when it comes to percussions, but for electronic bass it does lack some impact. Midrange overall is neutral with a slight hint of warmth, vocals and instruments sound detailed, but also quite smooth and chill, with the right amount of detail and finesse making them a more fatigue free listening. The treble is again, more laid back, slightly warm but very clean and quite clear. The highs are also smoothed off, its not piercing or sibilant unless the recording was as such. I see this as quite a plus to some, as they may want to wear them all day long without being constantly pierced and assaulted with the hot sparkle and shimmer bright tunings can present. 



As far as soundstage and imaging, the Studio 4 is slightly more intimate, but nothing congested at all. For the most part while the stage isn't wide like in a concert hall, the slight intimacy does allow details to come through more clearly. The imaging is above average, as vocal and sound cues are quite easy to pinpoint and define. With its more neutral tuning, layering and separation is also easy to pick apart details.



Overall, the Studio 4 is a unique model in the iem space, where is straddles the line between being a neutral/flat tuning IEM, but also engaging and more easy going for casual listening use. The Studio 4 is a great IEM for people who want a neutral presentation, with a tinge of warmth and smoothness for a detailed yet fatigue free session.

✒️ Author : Han  | 📷 Photo : Willy
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■ 4 Balanced Armature Driver
■ Neutral warm Tonal Signature
■ Detachable 2pin cable
■ 3.5mm extension cable

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