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As a little brother of WF-1000XM4, Linkbuds S is a more affordable model with very close sound quality to XM4 but smaller size and lower price.

Its size is definitely a selling point. It is 4.8g per side, 40% lighter and smaller than XM4 (XM4 is 7.3g). It is even lighter than the Airpods Pro that weighs 5.4g. It can better fit the ears of most people, especially girls with small ears.

LinkBuds S mic quality is also the best ever in Sony TWS products.

It has “Voice Pickup Technology” as the same as WF-M4. On top of that, LinkBuds S used an AI-based algorithm for voice pick up, the same microphone technology as WH-1000XM5.

Comparing the sound quality, I would say XM4 and Linkbuds S are really closed but with different sound signatures. XM4 is more transparent, with deeper and tighter bass, sweeter and well-extended treble. It’s more neutral, more versatile for different music genres.

Linkbuds S sounds richer and darker. The imaging is closer with more intimate mids. The upper bass is more lush and has a stronger rumbling slam. I personally prefer Linkbuds S for pop, rock and EDM as compared to XM4.

◆ IPX4
◆ Bluetooth v5.2
◆ Battery hours 6 + 14 hours
◆ 4.8g x 2

✒️ Author : Willy | 📷 Photo : Willy

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