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✒️ Author : Willy | 📷 Photo : Willy

Sony MDR-7506 needs no introduction, a legendary model which you can find at various recording studios around the world. Being one of the top picks as monitoring headphones for recording apart from the Audio Technica ATH-M50X.

The MDR-7506 and ATH-M50X have very different sound signatures. MDR-7506 excels at separation and details. You can pick every single instrument clearly, including the reverberation and resonance. The treble is well extended with great transparency. Sub bass is deep with great impact but on the upper bass segment it's lesser when compared to the ATH-M50X.

On the other hand, ATH-M50X carries a warmer sound with solid imaging and fuller sound. It has a darker treble and more upper bass. Vocal presentation is more forward than MDR-7506. There is a slight veil that smoothen out the music body making it sounds more musical and easy listening, a side effect being causing the details to be covered up akin to a pop filter. MDR-7506 sounds more direct and cleaner.

In terms of soundstage, MDR-7506 has a slightly wider soundstage than ATH-M50X, the latter has better depth. You can imagine that MDR-7506 is wider but more 2D, while the ATH-M50X is narrower but more 3D.

Both headphones focus on different frequencies. MDR-7506 is more V-shaped, focusing on treble and sub bass. ATH-M50X focuses more on mids and upper bass. For sound monitoring, if you prefer to have better clarity on instruments and vocals, the MDR-7506 is the recommended option. If you prefer something more balanced with live vibes, you can consider the ATH-M50X.

The MDR-7506 treble presentation might be bright for some people, a general tip is that you can fine tune the sound signature with different earpads to dial down the brightness or even increase the bass level. Overall it's definitely a good headphone that justifies its fame.

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