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Sony MDR-MV1 & C-80 | New Open Back Studio Monitor headphones & Uni-directional condenser microphone
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Sony MDR-MV1
We are so excited with the launch of the MV-1, as Sony has finally released a new Studio Monitor line up after many years. In 1989, Sony developed the MDR-CD900ST for use in CBS and Sony studios to reproduce the wide frequency band and dynamic range of Compact Disc (CD). Subsequently, followed by the release of a lot of other models which also gained popularity such as MDR-V6, MDR-7506, MDR-M1ST and so on. Till date, there are audiophiles still buying these models for collection. 

So, what we are curious about, is the MV-1 going to be a better headphone compared to the former models? It might not be a fair comparison as MV-1 is an open back, and was primarily designed for creating spatial stereo sound, a wide frequency range as well as soundstage feel. Based on the reviews in Japan, the sonic signature of the MDR-MV1 is claimed to sit in between the MDR-M1ST and the MDR-CD900ST. 

M1ST has more mid bass and the CD900ST is comparatively tinny, the MV1 is in between. It has better layering, and separation compared to the M1ST/900ST. With MV1, you can easily hear the positions of the singers and band musicians, where it feels like taking a bird's eye view on the track when listening. For those looking for a headphone that’s designed with professional studio use in mind, while also good for audiophile listening, this MV1 is a model worth looking out for.
Sony C-80
The C-80 was inspired from the legendary C-800G, which aims to bring studio quality recording to the masses, allowing users to achieve polished recordings in a home studio.

The C-80 is a unidirectional condenser microphone that can be used for a variety of recording projects in a home studio, including vocals, spoken word, and acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano. Featuring the same diaphragm material as our legendary C-800G tube condenser microphone, and with a capsule based on the unique high-resolution large capsule C-100 – both revered tools in the world's best studios – the C-80 is built from sound design pedigree.

✒️ Author : Willy 📷 Photo : Sony
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Sony MDR-MV1

◆ Carefully tuned open-back acoustic structure
◆ Specially developed HD driver units
◆ Studio monitor sound for mixing and mastering

Sony C-80

◆ Large 25 mm microphone capsule
◆ Dual-diaphragm structure suppresses proximity effect for stable recording and broadcast
◆ Switchable low-cut filter reduces the pickup of low-frequency and ambient noise

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