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The new Beyerdynamic closed back headsets—MMX150 & MMX100—have finally landed in Malaysia! Featuring the META PICK technology, not only do they have a studio level sound quality (just like their legendary monitoring headphones), but they are also equipped with a premium quality microphone for communication.

“The new META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone, which features a 9.9mm capsule to reproduce your voice naturally and true to life. However, typical background noises like keyboard clacks and mouse clicks will be eliminated.”

I’m not a gamer, so I will just share some thoughts about MMX150/MMX10’s sound signature and quality as an audiophile. Priced at RM400-600+, how do they sound compared to rivals like the ATH M50x and Sony MDR-7506?

Surprisingly, MMX150 and MMX100 do not have boomy bass and exaggerated sound effects like some of the entry level gaming headsets. They perform like what Beyerdynamic advertises—precise, balanced with professional studio-level sounding. Taking MMX150 as an example, it sounds like a warmer version of the legendary DT770 Pro—the treble is darker, mid-bass is fuller. Maybe the clarity is not as good as the older brother but what it has is a stronger impact and richer imaging.

In comparison, M50x sounds smoother and sweeter, especially for the vocals. The body is softer and more mellow. MDR-7506 sounds more energetic and a little bit more aggressive, it has sparkling treble and very punchy bass, but the soundstage is smaller. MMX150 has the widest soundstage and least forward imaging among them. The frequency response is quite balanced and coherent. In return, you will be able to hear a very direct, neutral monitoring sound from it.

Differences between MMX150 and MMX100?
Features wise, MMX150 comes with a built-in USB sound card, you can connect it with PC, Playstation and Nintendo Switch to get the best sound quality. MMX100 only comes with a 3.5mm analog cable.
Sound wise, MMX150 has more details, better transparency, wider soundstage, less boomy bass and well-extended treble.

 ■ Closed back gaming headsets
 ■ 40mm META PICK dynamic driver
 ■ META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone with 9.9mm capsule
 ■ Detachable cable: MMX150 comes with USB and 3.5mm analog cable, MMX100 only comes with 3.5mm analog cable

✒️ Author : Hai Wei | 📷 Photo : Willy
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⭐ Beyerdynamic MMX-150
□ Retail : RM639 | PM for best price

⭐ Beyerdynamic MMX-100
□ Retail : RM499 | PM for best price

□ Top up RM49 for SP-13 XL size headphones hard case (28*22.5*13cm) worth RM55

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