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▶️ Available for audition now! .

Thieaudio’s latest over-ear open back is now available in Malaysia! Utilising planar drivers alongside a new structural airflow design by Thieaudio it’s a great competitor to other planars in the price range.

Compared to the Hifman Ananda the Wraith has overall more forward vocals as well as more bass impact while the Ananda has a larger soundstage. With the treble, the Wraith handles it pretty well as well with it sounding clear and concise. Overall if you want something more tuned to vocals while being a planar I’d recommend the Wraith.

In terms of comfort, the Wraith is one of the most comfortable headphones I have worn in this price range with the weight distribution being very even with the earpads being plush and comfortable.

Both the Ananda and Wraith were tested on the Aune X1S GT.

 ■ planar magnetic driver
 ■ new structural airflow design
 ■ microfiber flanner ear pads

- - - - -

□ Retail : RM2499
□ PM for best price

□ Top up RM49 for SP-13 XL size headphones hard case (28*22.5*13cm) worth RM55

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