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✒️ Author: Danny | 📷 Photo: Willy


Master-9P is the new integrated amplifier and a pure Class A headphone amp, built on the dual mono real balanced design. With the power of 70W+70W output at 8 ohms for the speakers and this time, 14W+14W at 40 ohms at the headphone output, with balanced and single-ended connection; not to mention a humongous 35W+35W at 15 ohms impedance right at your fingertips.


Boasting a powerful output and low distortion, the THD+N(Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) can still be able to reach 0.055% at 1kHz and 0.004% at 20kHz, ables to have a lower distortion even when competing with a more powerful amplifier at the same power output of 60W. The amplifier has a dual mono circuitry design, working with Class A all around the power supply and audio amplification circuit. The volume control has 100 steps with 2 different gain(20dB at Low Gain and 34dB at High Gain), it has no issue driving low sensitivity headphones and speakers. In this amp, Audio-GD has applied the "Linear Fidelity'' technology at the output stage, despite having a non-negative feedback design, it still can remain low distortion and ultra linear performance. Master-9P has complete separation of left and right channel circuitry as well as power supply and transformer unit. It has an all-aluminium alloy chassis to prevent electrical interference within the chassis.

The amplifier also has a selection of different sound profiles, "Neutral" and "Tube Simulation" which the user can access on the front panel.

For the speaker output, it has quite an enjoyable sound and performance. The detail retrievals are quite good, with soundstage almost on par with its bigger brother, Master-3A. The vocals and depth is slightly nearer or intimate if you compared with the Master-3A, but the separation, treble extension and bass are close to each other while Master-3A has the advantage. But for the all-in-one integrated speaker amp with ⅔ of the price of Master-3A (not to mention you need to purchase an additional pre-amplifier for it), it is worth the price for the all-in-one solution.

So for a powerful amplifier like this, what do we connect it to apart from the speakers? Hifiman Susvara of course! As we all know that Susvara has a low sensitivity (as low as 83dB), driving it with a typical headphone amplifier will not be able to perform with its fullest potential. Previously we connected Audio-GD Precision 3 speaker amplifier to drive the Susvara. The amp produces a similar 14W into 40 ohms impedance. Most of the headphones would start to hiss as soon as you plug it into the output, but not Susvara. It stays silent from zero to even when you crank it all the way to 11. Once you compare this with say a decently powerful headphone amplifier like Audio-GD HE-9, which is still pushing out a respectable 9W at 40 ohms impedance via balanced output, you can still feel that the body is lacking with the combo. Precision 3 still delivers a respectable audio performance via the speaker output converter to Susvara. But once you compare it with Master-9P, the soundstage opens up, giving it an even wider staging and imaging. On Master-9P, Susvara opens up with the naturalness, bass hits deeper and strikes even at the deepest bass with grace and control. If you want to squeeze a little more power from the Master-9P to Susvara, you can consider adding a balanced converter cable from the speaker output. With the speaker converter, the soundstage widens and it feels even deeper with it. It has a cleaner sound, the bass hits deeper compared to connecting to Precision 3.

For the all-in-one with speaker and massive headphone output power, what can you expect more?


◆ Output power for speaker: 70W*2 @ 8ohm / 100W*2 @ 4ohm
◆ Output power for headphones: 35W*2 @ 15ohm / 14W*2 @ 40ohm
◆ Neutral and simulated vacuum tube sound for headphone output

◆ ACSS Non Negative Feedback Amp
◆ "Linear Fidelity" Technology
◆ Soft Start Power Design


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◇ Top up RM255 for Audio-GD headphones adapter cable (converter banana/spade to 4 pin XLR connector) worth RM299 


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