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Have you ever wondered why you should be bogged down by just being able to use headphones on your desk? Want to use your nearfield speakers but don’t want to break the bank or aesthetic of your setup?

Worry no more, Burson let’s you FUNK it your way! The Class A headphone amp comes with a Class AB speaker amp. Compact yet powerful, the headphone amp produces 3W/channel while the Class AB speaker amp has a reasonably powerful 45W/channel. With two separate signal paths and each facilitating opamp rolling, you can tune the Funk to match your headphones and speakers separately.

◆ Class A Headphone Amp with 3W/channel SE output
◆ Class AB Speaker Amp with 45W/channel
◆ 2 different gains for all headphones and IEM
◆ Mic input bypass
◆ Independant Op-Amp swap for Headphone and Speaker Amp output

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