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Moondrop is back with the Nekocake, their 2nd TWS model after the Sparks, aimed at a more budget friendly price with unique features. The Nekocake features a 13mm Titanium Dome Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver with Bluetooth 5.0, ANC Digital Active Noise Cancelling and Intelligent Call Noise-Cancelling. Another highlight which really sets it apart from other TWS models, are the proprietary voice prompts from their own mascot MITSUKIYUKI, voiced by a Japanese voice actress.


Now onto the sound, the Nekocake with the default “Balanced” setting, has a more fun tuning; the treble and midbass are a bit laidback, making the mids/vocals more upfront and focused. It also works with the Moondrop Link app, with 4 additional sound presets to choose from, and the ability to change the behavior for touch controls. Overall a very affordable option with good sound and features

◆ Bluetooth 5.0 with iOS & Android support
◆ 13mm Titanium Dome Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
◆ ANC Digital Active Noise Cancelling
◆ MITSUKIYUKI voice prompt
◆ 4+12 hour Battery Life

✒️ Author : Kah Hon | 📷 Photo : Willy
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