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Meet the Salnotes Dioko from 7Hz made in collaboration with Crinacle's tuning input. The Salnotes Dioko's beautifully CNC-machined Aluminum shell stands out from the crowd with its shape, especially with its faceplate with tempered glass and sapphire coating surface making it akin to a gemstone.

Overall it has good details, airy, crisp and bright twist on the treble and vocal, speedy transition between notes, a good balance between sub and mid bass presence. It is an affordable entry level planar earphone introductory experience.

■ 14.6mm Planar Diaphragm Driver with N55 Double-sided array magnets
■ Lightweight and Durable CNC-Machined Aluminium Shell
■ Tempered Glass & Sapphire Coating Surface
■ Premium OCC Copper Cable with 2pin detachable interconnect plug

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□ Retail : RM398.9
□ Best Price : RM378.9
□ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair

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