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The original Wuzetian has been a favorite of mine when it comes to planar IEMs that have hit the market recently. With that in mind, Tangzu has released a new version of the Wuzetian titled “Heyday” with the tuning being done by HBB of Youtube fame for his audio reviews. How does the Heyday fair against its predecessor then?
The thing that I liked the most about the original Wuzetian was how clean and smooth the tuning was as compared to most of the other options in the market at the time of its release. Despite it having more focus in the sub-bass, it flows well into the rest of the frequency response, giving everything a clean presentation. The Heyday follows in that with it being even cleaner than the original in terms of tuning, with it being more "audiophile" like.
While the Heyday does lose some of that nice texture and timbre the original had, it replaces it with greater clarity as well as imaging, with it being noticeably more detailed than the original, especially for things like electric guitar or piano. Surprisingly, vocals aren’t impacted too much and retain a lot of the texture I’ve come to enjoy from the original Wuzetian for a planar IEM.
As far as soundstage goes, very interestingly to me the original actually surpasses the Heyday despite its cleaner tuning. This is especially evident on things like choirs with the The Choir of King’s College’s rendition of Mozart’s Requiem, K. 626: Lacrimosa seeming much taller. I suspect that this may be because of the additional bass on the original contributing to me being able to separate through the choir’s different vocal layers more easily, thus giving it a wider presentation.
Overall, I’d say the Wuzetian Heyday is a great upgrade to the original, and something to consider if they’re in the market for a great planar IEM. While it may still lose out to the original for things that require a large soundstage like orchestra, it is still a much better all-rounder, with the Heyday fixing some of the speed issues or strange occasional muddiness you’d get from some very bass heavy tracks.
✒️ Author : Aaron | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei
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