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Thieaudio Monarch Mk III | Reigning Sound

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Hail the new THIEAUDIO Monarch Mk III! The new TOTL has undergone another revision to revamp its technical and tonal performance, improving its already great sound signature, reaffirming its place at the throne.



Product Features:

IMPACT2: THIEAUDIO's latest innovation with a powerful subwoofer solution using isobaric design and composite diaphragm drivers.

Enhanced Ultra-Treble Output: The Monarch MK III now features Sonion's electrostatic drivers for a more comprehensive upper frequency extension, resulting in improved staging and resolution.

Balanced Tonal Signature: The Monarch MKIII maintains a studio-monitor-like tonal excellence with clean, natural, and detailed sound, while offering a focused sub-bass impact.

Improved Bass Quality: The addition of another 10mm subwoofer in IMPACT2 enhances the power and texture of the bass without compromising tonal integrity, providing an immersive audio experience.

Custom design options: The monarch Mk III now offers custom UIEM options; choose from 7 different inner shell colours and up to 16 unique faceplate designs, allowing you to get a design that is uniquely yours.




With updated drivers, tuning strategies, and significantly improved ergonomics, the Monarch MKIII offers the legendary performance of the MKII with enhanced technicalities and comfort.


PS* Processing time (manufacturer side):

1-2 weeks for UIEM (default design).

3-4 weeks for all UIEM (custom designs).


📷 Photo : Thieaudio

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■ 2DD+6BA+2EST Tribrid setup
■ Improved 3d printed resin shell
■ IMPACT2 subwoofer
■ Custom design option
■ Improved Bass Quality


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⭐ Official Store | |

◇ Retail : RM4599 (default design)

◇ Retail : RM4899 (custom design)

◇ PM for best price (pre-order)

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■ Directly imported from Linsoul
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