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✒️ Author: Leong | 📷 Photo: Willy


Thieaudio has stormed the world with the Monarch and returned with the improved Monarch Mk2. Boasting a brand new 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver, with 6 balanced armatures from Sonion and Knowles and 2 Sonion electrostatic drivers, it delivers a solid performance, yet fun sounding in a single package. The dynamic driver has a new diaphragm and stronger magnets, making it a dedicated sub-woofer that guarantees a powerful kick and bass line.

The stock cable included is no slouch either, comes with a silver-plated 26AWG OCC copper litz cable which ensures a richer sound. The “Smart Switch” feature plug enables the user to swap from 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm plug on the go without replacing the same cable. It will fit various devices from your phone, PC to a dedicated Digital Audio Player.

The overall sound signature of Monarch Mk2 is a broad U shape signature, with a heavy emphasis of low-mid bass and sub-bass region, while still retaining the clarity of the mids and treble performance. The low end of Monarch Mk2 is very satisfying, although focusing more on the subs, it does not feel bloated or overpowering. With genres like Pop songs or Rock & Roll, even Metals, it will give you satisfying pops and kicks on every single drum beat.

The mids are slightly dry, but still giving a lot of details and defined textures, especially satisfying on Rock & Roll genre. With the wide soundstage, it helps with the overall imaging, separation and instrument orientations. The highs on the Monarch Mk2 has a well extended range, without fatiguing the ears. The snare and crashes are crispy and defined, with a slight metallic sheen on the tone.

Compared with Sony IER-M9, Sony has a more rounded and fuller low end, but the bass does not hit as deep as the Monarch Mk2. But the midrange would have smoother vocals and the familiar Sony's signature V-shape tuning.

But if you like to have a fairly neutral sound with the bass boost at down low, you can consider the Monarch Mk2. If it fits for a king, it will fit for you.


◆ Drivers: 10mm Dynamic Driver, 6 Knowles & Sonion Balanced Armature, 3 Sonion EST Driver
◆ Impedance: 36ohm
◆ Sensitivity: 108dB
◆ Cable: 26AWG Silver plated OCC Litz Cable with “Smart Switch” System


◇ Retail : RM4499 | Promo : PM for best price

◇ Top up RM45 for 1 pair Spinfit CP100+ and 1 pair Epro EP00 Horn-Shaped ear tips (worth RM56.5)


■ 8 years physical shop / audio specialist⁣⁣
■ 100% genuine / warranty covered⁣
■ Malaysia first audio theme cafe / library

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