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The first Oracle was already a smashing success amongst audiophiles with great reviews from both professional reviewers and hobbyists alike. With that success, Thieaudio has now decided to come up with a MK2 to succeed the original! How do these compare to each other head to head?

My first suggestion when getting the MK2 would be to get a pair of Spinfit CP100 or 100+ tips to go with it. While the stock tips are pretty good, the CP100 makes it sound more musical and pleasurable to listen to.

The Oracle MK1 was widely praised for its vocal performance, with it having some of the best vocals of any IEM in general in my opinion. It had pretty great technicalities as well with it boasting a natural timbre and solid soundstage and imaging. While it did not have the best technicalities it more than made up for it with how natural the vocals sounded with some like me even comparing it to the legendary Sennheiser HD600 series.

The Oracle MK2 in comparison has great improvements done to both the sub-bass as well as the treble. While the Oracle could very occasionally come off as slightly shouty on some tracks with very sibilant vocals, I found that the MK2 did not have the same issues. With that also comes a fair increase in technicalities with both soundstage as well as imaging getting an overall improvement compared to the original. This does however come at the cost of the vocals losing a bit of the shine the original had as a result however which some may find not worth it.

Overall I feel that Thieaudio has done a great job with the MK2 so much that I’d consider it like a Thieaudio Monarch Mk2 lite. At this price point it’d now definitely be my default recommendation alongside the Moondrop Variations.

✒️ Author : Aaron | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei
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■ Three-way Crossover using 1DD, 2BA and 2EST
■ Modular 4 strand 26AWG 5N OCC SIlver Plated Litz with interchangeable plug types to 2.5, 3.5 and 4.4mm
■ Great Ergonomics

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□ Retail : RM 2799
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