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✒️ Author: Danny | 📷 Photo: Willy


Tin Hifi’s choice of using resin shell for probably the 2nd time ever on the T3 Plus is well received by myself as I find this type of shell provides more stable fitting on the ears and isolates better.

A pair of 2 PIN connectors was found on the T3 Plus as well, likely because it’s easier to be made in conjunction with resin shell, the connection is tight and secure so extra brownie points to Tin Hifi.

Diving into the sound segment, the T3 Plus definitely sounds warmer tuned, treble is smooth without any unnecessary spikes, meaning the T3 Plus is a great earphone for long listening sessions where you just want to put on the earphones and let the music loop around, keeping you entertained in the process of doing some work. Bass segment comes next and boy did Tin Hifi packed in a lot of bass, definitely not lacking in terms of quantity but would be great to be able to firm it up more and be better controlled. Vocals are relatively natural, non sibilant, pretty decent provided the bass doesn’t take off the shine.

The T3 Plus definitely struggles a bit more during busy tracks, but these quirks can be slightly mitigated with some eartips rolling. Wapping to Spinfit CP100 or CP145 will help open up the sound tremendously, bringing out more treble clarity and more controlled bass in the process.

◆ 10mm Dynamic Driver
◆ Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragm
◆ 3D Printed Skin Friendly Resin Shell
◆ Detachable 0.78mm 2 Pin Connector
◆ Marble Textured Faceplate Design
◆ 5N Silver-plated Oxygen Free Copper Cable


◇ Retail : RM 247 | Promo : PM for best price

◇ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair


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