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✒️ Author: Leong | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei


Topping continues the high price-to-performance ratio of its entry level DAC the E30 and L30, releases the E50 and L50 DAC and amp.

The E50 and L50 have the design language of the E30 and L30, compact rectangular aluminum case and sit nicely on the desk with black and silver colour. It will not take up much space, having only half the size of the flagship D90SE. The signature orange colour display is at the forefront, displaying various info such as sampling rate, inputs and output mode.

At the connectivity part, E50 and L50 provide single ended (RCA) and balanced (TRS 1/4") for the DAC and amp, much like the D10 Balanced. DAC input wise, it has the usual USB, optical and coaxial input. You can adjust various settings via the remote and even use the E50 as a preamp as it comes with volume adjustment on the remote control. Inside E50 comes with the ESS ES9068AS premium DAC, preceding the AK4493 in the E30. Topping E50 able to decode up to 32bit/768kHz for PCM and DSD512 and even fully decode MQA!

Topping L50 wise, it offers the same NFCA design with other Topping models such as the more recent A30 Pro amplifier. It comes with 3 different gain levels, with very low distortions and low output impedance, hence letting the user drive any headphone without distortion. It delivers a powerful 3.5W into 16ohm load, and a dark background with little to no hiss at all. The NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Feedback Amplifier) does a very good job making sure the background stays dark and quiet at all times. It will drive many efficient and inefficient headphones nicely. It stacks nicely with the E50, and all the switches and knob feels solid to the touch and gives you a snappy flick on the switch and premium twist at the knob.

For the combo, you can say that they are perfect for each other. They show a very good synergy and performance when paired with each other. For the combo, they sound clean, and provide a dark, silent background. Topping E50 provides a natural and considerably neutral signature to the music. The bass response is quite linear and well-controlled, without any muddiness to the other frequency. The timing of the instruments, response are quite organic and snappy. The technicalities on this combo is rather impressive, with good details retrieval and gives you a precise sense of instruments positioning.

Mid-range wise, they are clean and slightly dry to the tone, giving you an accurate tone to the vocals. The treble quantity is certainly a lot in the E50 and L50, but no spike to the ear. The treble is controlled nicely and you can know that the treble peaks are slightly rolled off, making bright tracks a little more enjoyable to listen to.

Soundstage wise, it is not as wide as the D90SE, but still gives you a sense of a relatively lively feel. The stage is slightly more focused, imaging is pretty on point as you can pinpoint the instrument easily. Layering of instruments are neat and well controlled, as you can really tell different instruments are playing in a different depth and position.

Lastly, Topping has offered a lot of excellent products with very good value. The fast and nimble E50 and L50 provide a fun and enjoyable listening session, with the powerful outputs, you can pair them with power demanding planar magnetic or high-impedance headphones and still expect them to perform just as good. The technicalities, with an attractive price point, not to mention a clean and compact size. So what are you waiting for? Come listen for yourself today!


Topping E50

◆ ESS ES9068AS Premium Grade DAC
◆ Up to 32bit 768kHz and DSD512 playback with MQA support for all inputs
◆ RCA (Single Ended) and TRS (Balanced)
◆ Pre-amp feature for active speakers
◆ Ultra low distortion of <0.00010% for SE and <0.00009% for balanced output

Topping L50
◆ NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module
◆ Ultra low distortion <0.00006% and low output impedance of <0.1ohm
◆ Max output of 3.5W @ 16ohm and 540mW @ 300ohm
◆ 3 gain levels for headphone output
◆ Passthrough feature when power off, giving a easy control when pairing with active speakers/monitor speakers


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◇ Retail Price : RM1079 for E50
◇ Retail Price : RM919 for L50
** PM for best price

BUNDLE DEAL : Copper Colour Penny RCA cable / 1m
◇ retail : RM185 | top up : RM155
◇ conductor : OCC copper | Sound Signature : natural, smooth and clean

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