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  • Author : Leong | Photo : Hai Wei

Topping U90 is a USB bridge, and essentially a DDC (Digital to Digital Converter). So what is a DDC you may ask? A DDC takes the digital signal from streamer/music source, and converts it into another digital signal outputs such as IIS, AES, Coaxial and Optical. With higher quality clock design, ensuring you get a ultra-low jitter, correct timing and clean sound transmission from source all the way to the DAC.

Topping U90 has an arsenal of outputs, a configurable IIS, 2x AES outputs, 2x Coax outputs and 2 optical outputs. It also provides a 12v trigger which controls any other device that chains with it. It supports up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 Native via IIS, and up to PCM 24bit/192kHz with AES, Coaxial and Optical.

Compared to Audio-GD DI-20, Topping U90 has more outputs than DI-20 but Audio-GD has more input, with USB and Coaxial inputs and external clock connection. But Audio-GD would only support up to 384kHz and DSD512 on all outputs. Sound wise, Audio-GD has a more dynamic presentation, but with tighter bass control and deeper extension. Topping will have a cleaner sound, with nice detail retention. Compared to direct USB connection to DAC, you can tell that with a DDC, the timing of the instruments is corrected, and improves the clarity and cleans up the background.

Topping U90 is a great companion for you if you have multiple DACs in rotation and without all the hassle to swap with different outputs and connections!


◆ Supports up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 Native
◆ Multiple digital outputs including: 1x IIS, 2x AES, 2x Coaxial and 2x Optical
◆ Configurable IIS for all standards
◆ Built-in USB Isolator for clean signal input
◆ 12V Trigger output

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