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βœ’οΈ Written by Kai Yuan | πŸ“· Photo credit : Hai Wei


One of our most popular products is actually our third-party upgrade earpads with great value and often cost just a fraction of the price tag of the original ones, and the lineup series for the Audio Technica ATH series. Today we will be looking at how they would improve your listening experience in terms of sound quality and comfort.

We will be using the ATH-M50X for the comparison reference:


🟑 Original stock pad:

Stiff material that gets hot easily, shallow fit with ears almost touching driver grill, basic isolation, neutral reference sound.


🟑 Class S Lambskin:

Softer premium material that will last longer, thicker pad and more room for ears, better isolation, wider soundstage and image, better sub bass and treble extension resulting in increased details reproduction. Mid bass is now punchier and sweeter vocal.


🟑 Class S Milk Fabric:

Silky smooth milk fabric with cooling gel layer underneath for great comfort, thicker and softer foam, better isolation, great ambience, stronger sub bass and mid bass punch, smoother vocal and trebles.


🟑 Class S Protein:

Thickest and softest material among all, better isolation, great soundstage and image depth, balanced sounding with overall details improvement, smooth treble roll off without sacrificing details. One of our most popular models❗️


🟑 Class S Fusion:

Best of both worlds between synthetic leather and velour, improved comfort, decent isolation, V-shape sounding with bold sub bass and crispy trebles, smooth and mellow vocals, decent soundstage and ambience.


🟑 Class S Velour:

Oval shape velour that is smooth and comfortable to the skin, adequate isolation, mid centric and reference sound, less coloured bass, wide soundstage and image, sweet vocal and mids, great for songs with high female vocal energy!


🟑 Class A Protein:

Similar comfort to original pad but slightly thicker, closer to original sound but with overall slightly improved. Highly recommended for people who prefer the stock sound.


🟑 Class B Protein:

Identical to stock pad while being slightly softer, identical to original sound. Great budget earpad overall.


🟑 Class B Velour:

Similar shape to Class B protein but in velour material, bass boosted neutral. Great budget earpad for fun sound.

β €


β €


β—‡ Class S Lambskin | Retail : RM149
β—‡ Class S Milk Fabric | Retail : RM69
β—‡ Class S Protein | Retail : RM65
β—‡ Class S Fusion | Retail : RM59
β—‡ Class S Velour | Retail : RM85
β—‡ Class A Protein (black/coffee) | Retail : RM59
β—‡ Class B Protein | Retail : RM39
β—‡ Class B Velour | Retail : RM39

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