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1 Year Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

Built in Amanero USB interface and isolator , Support up to PCM384K / DSD512

Built in FPGA S/Pdif input support up to 384K/DOP

ACSS /Class S/Pdif output support up to 384K

R core and 13 groups ultra PSU linear power supplies

Applied FPGA, support SQ upgradeable,in future only want to connect the PC can upgrade inside hardware configure

FPGA firmware design by audiophile,the codes most consider by the SQ but not function

Please Note:
The DI-20 had built in ultra speed isolation, for work most stable, don't connect external USB isolation , just let the USB connect to computer directly.
There are a lot different IIS definition exist with other brands , we only warranty work with our DACs, we can not warranty work with other brands.

Amanero combo 384
Please note : The product has built in Amanero USB interface, it's USB can compatible well with the WINs, Apple OS/IOS and computer type Linux /Android (Include PI,ROCK64, newer model Android phone and TV) but we can not promise it can compatible well with the non computer based digital transports' USB output.


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