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[PM best price] Audio-GD D-28 D-28.28 D-28.38 | DAC + Discrete Transistors Headphone Amplifier & Preamplifier (SABRE ES9038Pro)

RM 3,500.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD R2R-11 MK2 / R2R11 MK2 - Real NOS Discrete R-2R DAC AIO Amplifier

RM 3,190.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD HE-1 MK2 / HE-1 LE Balanced Pre-amp with Regenerative Power Supply

RM 8,000.00

Audio-GD Master 19 - Preamp and Headphone Amplifier with Real Balanced ACSS Design

RM 4,600.00

Audio-GD R-27HE - All-In-One Full Discrete R2R Ladder Balanced Desktop DAC Headphone Amp + Preamp + Regenerative PSU

RM 15,699.00

Audio-GD HE-7 MK2 / HE7 MK2 - PCM1704UK Full Balanced Desktop R2R DAC with Regenerative PSU (no DSD support)

RM 18,000.00

Audio-GD Master-9P MK2 (Smooth/Neutral) Dual Mono Balanced Class A Headphone Amplifier & Integrated Power Amplifier

RM 9,000.00

Audio-GD HE-9 LE - Balanced ACSS Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier and Preamplifier Built-in Linear Power Supply

RM 8,650.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD Master-3A - Balanced ACSS Non Negative Feedback Power Amp + 50W Pure Class A

RM 13,000.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD R7 MK2 / R-7 MK2 - Fully Discrete Truly Balanced R2R Ladder DAC Unique Jitter Elimination

RM 13,000.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD D-77 / D77 Dual ES9038Pro + FPGA Fully Balanced DAC

RM 4,550.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD HE-2 MK2 - Balanced ACSS non negative feedback Power Amp with Regenerative Power Supply

RM 33,200.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD DI-20HE / DI20-HE / DI20HE - Digital Interface Regenerative Power Supply ACSS USB Amanero Coaxial AES

RM 4,850.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD Master-2H | Master 2H Real Balanced ACSS Mono Power Amp

RM 22,000.00

[PM best price] Audio-GD A1 | Real Balanced Bridge Output Power Amp (Non Negative Feedback ACSS)

RM 4,790.00


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