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Burson Audio FUNK
- 3W Class A Headphone Amplifier
- 45W Class AB Speaker Amplifier

Funk the Rule!

Hi-Fi companies are spoiling headphone enthusiasts with nearly endless amplifiers. So why are they neglecting near-field audiophiles, listening to their speakers in small studios or from their desktops?

Near-field-audiophiles often settle for inferior Class-D amps, which are also typical inside active speakers. The alternative is rack size Class-AB amps that break the aesthetic of any near field systems.

This neglect is due to the rule between size and performance. It was impossible to make a speaker amp that looks great next to your iMac yet performs at the audiophile level.

Funk breaks that rule!

Funking Class-AB

Traditional Class-AB reigns supreme for speaker amps and the Funk is a true-blue 45Watts per channel Class-AB. Powered by our proprietary Max Current Power Supply, it resets your perception of rhythm through power, precision and micro-details. It makes most conventional amplifiers, even the ones with twice the declared power, sound slow and dopey.

Funk is more Fun!

Fully discrete, Class-A, 3Wpc. Funk is also a vastly improved Burson Fun, which won Product-of-Year on Headfonia and loved by head-Fiers since 2017. It has higher resolution and power and infinitely sexier looking. IEM, no worries. Big cans, no sweat!

Input impedance: 38 KOhms
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 35Khz
THD: <0.03%
Output impedance (Head Amp): <2 Ohm

Inputs: RCA Left/Right
Weight: app. 3Kg
Outputs: Headphone/Speakers
Dimensions: 190mm x 150dimm x 60mm

Impedance (Headphone) @ Power @ Signal to Noise Ratio @ Separation
16 Ohm @ 3.5W @ 96db @ 99%
32 Ohm @ 2.5W @ 97db @ 99%
100 Ohm @ 600mW @ 98db @ 99%
150 Ohm @ 400mW @ 96db @ 99%
300 Ohm @ 150mW @ 95db

Impedance (Speaker) @ Power @ Signal to Noise Ratio @ Separation
4 Ohm/8 Ohm @ 45W/35W @ 92.5db @ 98.50%

Package Content
Burson FUNK (P-300)
Regional Power Cable
RCA Cables
Hex Key
Power Supply 100-240V AC

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