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1 Year Local Limited Warranty (Subjected to Supplier T&C)

Professional CD Player Servo Architecture:

Moondrop has equipped DiscDream with professional-grade components that make it a true hi-fi portable CD player. It features a specially selected imported audio motor drive for stable and uniform speed, a professional CD laser head that achieves excellent disc reading ability and an elastic damping physical buffer that reduces the influence of vibrations on the CD playback. All-in-all, we get a portable CD player that provides excellent playback characteristics.

Flagship-Grade Cirrus Logics DAC Chipset:

For any Audio setup, the core DAC chips play an important role in the Hi-Res signal decoding. Moondrop with their expertise has implemented Cirrus Logics’s flagship 32-bit MasterHiFi decoding chip(CS43131) that provides excellent characteristics while decoding Hi-Res audio signals. With professional-grade components on the audio circuitry, The device achieves excellent SNR, and DNR performance while maintaining an ultra-low distortion rate.

Not Just a CD Player:

Moondrop DiscDream is not just a regular CD Player, it can be used as a proper Desktop USB DAC and also supports playback from a connected microSD card just like any other portable Hi-Res audio player. It supports native DSD256 as well as 32-bit/384kHz PCM audio signal decoding.

High-Power Amplification Circuit:

Moondrop has equipped the DiscDream with high-power analog signal amplification circuitry. It promises high output thrust with 2Vrms line-out output and up to 500mW headphone output ratings. It can drive most IEMs and Headphones without breaking a sweat.


Battery capacity: 3500mAh
Power supply: DC5V/2A
Battery Life: 10Hours (CD)
Charging port: Type-C
Output power: Phone out 500mW
Output voltage: Line out 2Vrms
Support disc format: CD/CD-R/CD-RW
Support audio format: Micro SD Mode (MP3, WMA, LC-AAC, OGG, FLAC, APE)
PC mode: PCM: 44.1kHz to 384kHz, DSD: 2.8224MHz to 11.2896MHz


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