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The DDHiFi DJ65M is a versatile adapter that bridges the gap between your 6.35mm professional headphones and your favorite 3.5mm audio source.

Connectivity: Converts a standard 6.35mm headphone jack to a 3.5mm jack for wider device compatibility.
Improved Audio: Minimizes sound quality loss during adaptation for a reliable listening experience.
Built to Last: Constructed from durable 6063 aluminum alloy for long-lasting quality.
Compact Design: Ultra-portable and lightweight for easy integration into any setup.

Product Specifications:

Shell Material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy
Connector Input: 6.35mm Female (TRS), made by Neutrik
Internal connecting wire: High-purity OCC copper
Connector Output: 3.5mm Male (TRS), 24k gold-plated copper
Dimensions: 44mm x 21.8mm x 23mm
Weight: 22.5g

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