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ddHifi TC05 (NEW) - (8cm) DD Hifi OTG USB Type C to USB Type C Cable (Straight Plug)

RM 69.00

ddHifi TC03 (NEW) - (8cm) DD Hifi OTG USB Type C to Micro USB Cable (Straight Plug)(Single Path USB C to Micro only)

RM 58.00

ddhifi DD HIFI DJ44A / DJ35A / DJ44AG / DJ35AG - 2.5mm BAL. female to 3.5mm/4.4mm male Adapter Plug

RM 69.00

ddHifi TC35B (2021) DD Hifi Portable DAC Amplifier USB Type-C to 3.5mm Cable Adapter For Android Smartphone

RM 159.00

DD Hifi DDHifi DJ44B 2021 / DJ44C 2021 - DJ44B 4.4mm female to 2.5mm male / DJ44C 4.4 female to 3.5mm male adapter plug

RM 128.90

DD Hifi MFI06s Straight / MFI06 L Shape OTG Cable (8cm)

RM 99.00

ddHifi DD HIFI DJ30A - 3.5mm Female to 4.4mm 3 Pole Male Singled Ended Adapter NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SONY WALKMAN

RM 119.00

ddHifi TC28i - DD Hifi Smartphone USB OTG Adapter with USB Type-C Female

RM 139.00

ddHifi DJ65A DJ65B DJ65B(AL) DD HIFI 6.3mm to 3.5mm Female Adapter / 6.3mm to 4.4mm Female Adapter

RM 119.00

DD Hifi XLR44B (2022) ddHifi XLR 4pin to 4.4mm Balanced Adapter

RM 189.00

ddHifi TC44B - DD Hifi Portable DAC Amplifier Dual Dac Type C Balanced 4.4mm / 2.5mm Phone out DSD256 32b/384k

RM 390.00

DD Hifi DDhifi C-2020 - Carrying case for DAP IEM Portable DAC/Amp Audiophile everyday carry Dual layers Dual way zipper

RM 219.00

DD HiFi DDHifi TC25B - Portable DAC Amplifier USB Type-C to 2.5mm Jack Adapter ALC5686 ddhifi

RM 159.00

ddHifi DJ35AR / DJ44AR Rhodium Plated 2.5mm (Female) to 3.5mm/4.4mm (Male) Adapter

RM 119.00

DD Hifi DDHifi DJ44K - 4.4mm Female to 2.5mm Balanced Adapter for Astell&Kern DAP Players

RM 159.00


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