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Our latest addition to our Replacement Earpad series, the Class S Milk Fabric types. It has a very smooth outer layer and it is quite breathable, which means you have less heat build up when wearing the headphones itself.

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** Not recommended to wash it as the very inner lining contains some synthetic leather which doesn't bode well with washing **

Class S Milk Fabric: 105mm: Superlux flat
- Compatible with: Superlux HD series
- Outer Diameter: 105mm flat
- Inner Diameter: 60mm
- Height: 30mm
- Filter: Yes
- Bracket: no
- Colors: Black

Class S Milk Fabric: 100mm Beyerdynamic DT880/990
Compatible with: Beyerdynamic DT770/880/990/1770/1990, Amiron, T5, T1
Outer Diameter: 100mm flat
Inner Diameter: 55mm
Height: 25mm
Filter: Yes
Bracket: no
Colors: Black


Milk Fabric is made with the casein powder found in milk. It provides a smooth, silk like surface and comes with a layer of cooling gel (roughly 2-3mm) and memory foam beneath it. It will keep you cool and fresh for your favorite listening sessions. Sound wise, it will perform similarly to the protein leather pads.


Class S / A / B:

Class S is the best quality earpads we have. It’s thicker, softer, more comfortable and long lasting than most of the stock earpads.

Class A has the same advantage of Class S but not as good, but the quality is still better than or similar to most of the stock earpads.

Class B’s quality is quite close to the stock one, but with a much cheaper price.


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