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scyne (sign) is derived from synergy.

Each component is combined from various materials and shapes, and one combination selected from them will be released as "Scyne α 01". LCP dome + LSR (liquid silicone) edge 10.2mm composite diaphragm In order to minimize sound distortion, incidental sounds, and peaks at the resonance point, an LCP dome with high internal loss and particularly light and hard among resin materials is used. The edge part is also particular about internal loss and durability, and uses an LSR edge that allows for soft and smooth movement. Achieves clear and flat frequency characteristics with little distortion.

◆N55 neodymium magnet adopted
The highest grade neodymium magnet with a magnetic flux density of 1.4T or more is adopted. Improves the diaphragm's responsiveness (response) and accurately reproduces the rise and reverberation of the sound.

◆Internal shape design
The shape inside the earphone creates a big change in the sound quality emitted. Various shapes were prototyped using a 3D printer. The internal shape of the front of the driver suppresses peaks and dips in the high range caused by standing waves, aiming for a sound field with good visibility and extension. In addition, many other shapes and volumes of the rear chamber were considered, and from approximately 1,000 combinations, we came closer to the target sound quality.

◆Double rear chamber installed
The back chamber has a dual structure to enhance the internal air pressure. This enhances the diaphragm's damping and improves the resolution of the driver, resulting in tight bass and detailed high frequencies.

◆ HDSS function equipped
ETL acoustic module is installed, and by appropriately absorbing and radiating the reflected waves inside the chamber, the impact on the diaphragm is reduced, realizing clear sound with less distortion and natural presence.

◆ Brass + platinum plated housing
The housing and plating materials greatly impact the sound. We carefully selected a brass composition that minimizes quirks and muffledness while preserving the unique deep and rich low-mid range. Platinum, a durable and discoloration-resistant metal, was chosen for its potential to enhance sound quality. Additionally, nickel-free underplating was used to reduce the risk of metal allergies.

◆ Design
The lump-like shape that makes you aware of the hardness and weight of the metal cuttings makes you aware of the sense of luxury and ownership, while the rounded design using circles and streamlined shapes creates an elegant look. In addition, in order to improve the wearing comfort, we considered and adopted a ring design that fits the ear and a smaller housing.

Drivers: Custom LCP dome + LSR (liquid silicone) edge 10.2mm composite diaphragm Dynamic Driver
Frequency Response: 10Hz- 22kHz
Sensitivity: 110dBSPL/mW
Impedance: 16 ohms



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