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Pentaconn PTM01 COREIR (S/MS/M/L) Unique Built-in Nickel Plated Brass Core Replacement Ear tip

RM 65.00

Pentaconn NBP1-14-002PAC NBP1-14-004PAC 4.4mm Plug Brass Straight L-shaped

RM 199.00

Pentaconn NBP1-14-001PAC NBP1-14-003PAC 4.4mm Plug OFC Straight type L-Shapped

RM 339.00

Pentaconn NLJ1-11-002PAC Female Ear Jack

RM 89.00

Pentaconn Wistaria Recable - 6NOFC + Silver Coated 6NOFC 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM Earphone

RM 1,399.00

Pentaconn NBB1-12-001-12 2.5mm Silver Coated OFC 8 Core Upgrade Cable

RM 759.00

Pentaconn NBB1-13-001-1 3.5mm Silver Coated 8 Core Upgrade Cable

RM 689.00

Pentaconn NBP1-13-003GM NBP1-13-003RD 3 Pole 3.5mm OFC Straight Plug

RM 229.00

Pentaconn NBD1-14-001PAC 4.4mm Panel Compatible Jack

RM 179.00

Pentaconn NBB1-14-101-12 4.4mm Pure Silver upgrade cable

RM 1,499.00

Pentaconn NBA1-24-001PAC 4.4mm Balanced Socket

RM 109.00

Pentaconn NLE1-41-001BKPAC NLE1-41-001RDPAC OFC Banana Plug Black Red

RM 242.00

Pentaconn NBP1-12-001PAC NBP1-12-003PAC 4 Pole 2.5mm L-shaped Straight OFC Plug

RM 249.00

Pentaconn NBP1-16-001PAC 6.3mm Plug OFC Straight type

RM 239.00

Pentaconn NBB1-14-002-12 4.4mm Silver Coated 8 Core Upgrade Cable

RM 759.00


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