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Focal UTOPIA BE 2022 - Made in France High-End Open Back Full-range Speaker Driver with M-shaped pure Beryllium Dome

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+ High-end, open-back, high-fidelity headphones for home use
+ Full-range speaker driver with ‘M’-shaped, pure Beryllium dome: pure, dynamic and perfectly balanced sound
+ Made in France in the Focal workshops
+ Design that adapts to all head morphologies: optimum comfort
+ Premium materials and sophisticated finishes: genuine leather, forged, recycled carbon, aluminium, etc


Utopia are the ultimate Focal headphones. They are the brand's flagship product, combining the best of our technologies with assertive design, to enhance your listening experience.

Their full-range, Beryllium, ‘M’-shaped speaker drivers are fully open-backed and run with no passive or active correction, from 5 Hz to over 50 kHz! The listening experience they deliver is strikingly real, precise and dynamic, with a soundstage that is both wide and deep: close your eyes and feel the musicians beside you.

Combining comfort and aesthetics, Utopia delivers uncompromising design and conception. The forged, recycled carbon yokes are modern and sophisticated in style, whilst providing more lightness. The honeycomb grille and Black Chrome ring showcase subtle design details, like the Yin & Yang on the outer case, the black and red double grille on the speaker driver, and more.

So many elements that fiercely embody Utopia: the perfect balance between technology and design

[Product Specification]

Type: Circum-aural, open-back headphones
Impedance: 80 ohms
Sensitivity: 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD: <0.2% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency Response: 5Hz to 50kHz
Speaker Driver: 40mm pure beryllium 'M'-shaped dome
Weight: 490g
Cable provided: 3 types
Cable 1: 1x 1.5m with 1x 3.5mm asymmetric TRS Jack connector and 2x Lemo® connectors
Cable 2: 1x 3.0m with 1x symmetrical 4-point XLR connector and 2x Lemo® connectors
Cable 3: 1x Jack adapter, 3.5mm point socket – 6.35mm point plug
Carrying case included: 25cm x 24cm x 12cm


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