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[PM best price] Focal Celestee - High-end Closed-Back Headphone 40mm Aluminium Magnesium M-shaped Dome Speaker Driver

RM 4,995.00

Focal BATHYS (2022) HI-FI Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Patented M-dome Speaker Drivers

RM 3,995.00

Focal CLEAR Mg (Made in France) Open-back Headphone with Magnesium M-shaped Dome Dynamic Driver

RM 7,500.00

Focal STELLIA (Made in France) Hi-Fi Closed-back Headphones with M-shaped pure Beryllium Dome

RM 15,000.00

Focal RADIANCE Bentley special edition Hi-Fi Headphone 40mm Aluminium Magnesium M shaped Dome Speaker Driver

RM 6,500.00

Focal ELEGIA (Made in France) Closed-back Headphone with Aluminium Magnesium M-shaped Dome Speaker Driver

RM 4,999.00

Focal UTOPIA BE 2022 (Made in France) High-End Open Back Headphone Full-range Speaker Driver M-shape Pure Beryllium Dome

RM 25,000.00


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