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1 Year Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

Key Features

CD, CD-R and CD-RW Compatible

USB Input supports external memory and audio rates up to 384kbps

MP3 and WMA decoding

NAD CD-8 full function remote control

Ultra-High Precision Clock Module for lowest jitter

Wolfson 24 bit Digital to Analogue Converter

Super High-Speed OPAmps

Coaxial Digital Output

Optical Digital Output

Toroid Power supply with separate power regulators for analogue and digital sections

VFL Display with CD text

Selectable Track, Time and Repeat

Repeat Mode for single track or entire CD

Program Play up to 20 tracks

Random Play

External IR input

12V Trigger input

<0.5 watt Standby consumption

Detachable AC cord

General Parameters

Output level
Analog: 2.2 ?? 0.1 V
Optical: -22.5 ??3.5dBm
Coaxial: 650 ??150mV

Frequency response
??0.3 dB (ref. 0 dB 20 Hz-1 kHz)
??0.5 dB (ref. 0 dB 5 kHz-20 kHz)

Total harmonic distortion
<0.01% (ref. 1 kHz, Audio LPF)

Signal/Noise ratio
118 dB (ref. 1 kHz, A-weighted LPF Stop, Pause)

Channel balance
??0.5 dB (ref. 0dB 1kHz)

Dynamic range

Channel separation

-3.73 to -5.33 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz, 5 kHz)
-8.04 to -10.04 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz, 16 kHz)

??0.01 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz at -3 dB)
??0.02 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz at -6 dB)
??0.02 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz at -10 dB)
??0.05 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz at -20 dB)
??0.15 dB (ref. 0dB 1 kHz at -60 dB)

Standby power


Output level
2.2 ?? 0.2V

Frequency response
??1dB (ref. 0dB 20Hz ??16kHz)

Total harmonic distortion
<0.03% (ref. 0dB 1kHz, Audio LPF)

Signal/Noise ratio
118dB (ref. 0dB 1kHz, A-weighted Pause)

Weight & Dimensions

Gross Unit Dimensions* (W x H x D)
435 x 80 x 306mm

17 1/8 x 3 3/16 x 12 11/16??**

Net weight
4.9kg (10.8lb)

Shipping weight
6.9kg (15.2lb)

*Gross dimensions include feet, extended buttons and rear panel terminals.

**Non-metric measurements are approximate.


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