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Author : Willy | Photo : Hai Wei

Acoustune's new flagship HS2000MX has finally arrived!

This is one of my favourite IEMs in this price range. I'm really impressed by the analog, fun sound of the full range Myrinx ultra thin beryllium dome dynamic driver.

The treble is sweet, sparkly but not sharp. Mid is rich and vivid, but not too mellow or muddy. It also has a meaty, elastic and punchy upper bass. Though the extension of the sub bass is not very deep, it is still quite solid and adequate.
To put it simply, the HS2000MX is very consistent and balanced in every aspect. As a full range dynamic IEM, the connection and coherence between different frequencies are flawless. You can really enjoy the full spectrum of the music coming from the single driver, without having any "gaps" in between the crossovers.

You can also feel the consistency of HS200MX when listening to the sound stage. While not super spacious, it is still very balanced and lively. Everything is very smooth and natural. To me, this is a more neutral and upgraded version of the HS1551, nice for all music genres especially for vocals.

The special part of this IEM is the interchangeable driver capsule / chamber.
Please take note with the way you wear the stock tips which may affect the performance of bass—Some reviews claim that HS2000MX lacks bass impact. We suspect it is probably due to improper way of wearing the stock tips. Wearing it at the wrong angle will cut off the bass and doesn't seal well. The longer "wing" of the eartips should be angled towards the shape of the housing.

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  • José Luis

    Acoustune hs2000mx con capsula 01.
    Me sorprende su fantástico sonido , la presentación y el realismo de una orquesta numerosa no es fácil de reproducir y más para un iem , pero este acoustune aunque su puesta en escena no sea muy amplia ( estamos en el patio de butacas aproximadamente en la fila 15 o más atrás.) consigue definir la situación y separación de instrumentos de manera sobresaliente.

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