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Warranty: 1 YEAR on earphones, 30 days on accessories
(T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

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Acoustune HS2000MX "Sho 笙" Earphone

HS2000MX is the flagship model of Acoustune's unique dynamic driver technology, which is based on the latest
design concepts and the use of new materials and technologies that Acoustune has had to abandon in its previous
mass production products.

This is the first time that an Acoustune product has been given a nickname: the "笙 Sho".

"The Sho is a bamboo wind instrument used in gagaku (traditional Japanese music), and is a particularly beautiful
instrument with short notes called itchiku and chords called aitake, and its tone is said to represent heavenly light.
This time, we wanted "HS2000MX" to play a beautiful sound like "sho", and "sho" is also called "hosei" because its shape
reminds us of a phoenix standing on its wings. This is the reason why we decided to give the earphones this nickname.

- Latest Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver
- Japanese Beryllium thin-file dome
- Acoustune Capsule Technology (A.C.T.)
- Acoustune ARS100 cable
- Acoustune AEX50 eartip with SMP iFit(R) Memory Polymer
- Acoustune AEX07 new reference eartip
- AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC (bundled)

Product name: HS2000MX
Overview: Myrinx Composite dynamic driver with interchange metal shell in ACT1.0
Type: HS2000MX

Product specifications
Earphone housing: CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel anodised aluminium alloy
Drivers: Japanese beryllium thin-film dome Milinx driver
Chamber material: CNC-machined duralumin
Technologies used: Acoustune Capsule Technology (ACT) Ver 1.0
Frequency response: 10Hz – 30KHz
Input sensitivity: 110dB/mW
Impedance: 24Ω @ 1kHz
Earphone jack: NDICS Pentaconn ear terminals
Input terminal: 3.5mm mini jack
Accessories: ARS100 series HS2000MX Specification Cable, Carrying Case, Acoustune AEX07 eartips, acoustune AEX50 Eartips, Acoustune AET02 foam Eartips and AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC Eartips.


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