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1 Year Local Warranty (subjected to Audio-GD T&C, additional repair guarantee provided.)

Audio-GD HE-7 MK2 / HE7 MK2 - PCM1704UK Full Balanced Desktop R2R DAC with Regenerative PSU (no DSD support)

> Regenerative power supply
> Apply 8 pcs the most real like sound DA chip PCM1704UK
> Fully discrete real balanced current transmition design.
> 2 pc ultra high frequency 90/98 MHz Accusilicon 318B femtosecond clocks provide synchronous clock for whole unit without PLL up-frequency .
> 32bit / PCM384K asynchronous transfer Amanero 384 apply the FPGA synchronous clock.
> Both USB / HDMI have built in separate isolator and pure class A isolate power supply.
> The whole digital circuit built with 1 pc FPGA and 3 pc CPLD programmable chipsets to separate the different configured circuits for avoid interrupt, data process in parallel mode.
> Support firmware update to improve on sound quality.
> Input signal sampling display.
> Support external 10MHz clock input (Default is 50 ohm, 75 ohm can be custom order).
> All digital process mode settings accessible by buttons on front (No need to open the chassis).
> Firmware update port accessible on rear (Update firmware no need to open the chassis).

Pros and cons of PCM1704UK R-2R DAC :

(1) R-2R will not convert the clock signal into the output signal.
(2) R-2R is not sensitive to jitter while Delta-Sigma DA is much more sensitive to jitter.
(3) The output signal is much more precise compared to Delta-Sigma DA.

(1) THD today is extremely good with Sigma Delta chips; R2R ladders are good too but not as good.
(2) Glitches and accuracy of the ladder resistors are very difficult to avoid and require complex technology to resolve it.

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