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1 YEAR LOCAL WARRANTY (Repair Guarantee available after warranty, subjected to Audio-GD T&C)

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Audio-GD HE-9 MK2 (2022) Real Balanced ACSS Pure Class A Headphone Amp/ Preamp with Regenerative Power Supply

HE-9 MK3 summarize:
Unique fully analog regenerative power technology just like built in a private electric generator that offer the most clean power supply , boost the sound quality more transparency but analog , much better than the external digital technology power processor , not to say the passive LC power filter outlet .
Unique real non-feedback ACSS headamp applies four channels of non-feedback output stages composed of 8 pieces of transistors, every piece has 15A/150W performance. The capacitance of the whole machine reaches as high as 60,000uF. Four R-core transformers are used with total power of 260W.
The preamp output has built in the exclusive output buffers that can improve the sound quality of the preamp output .
Separate class A PSUs power supply for regenerative drivers and audio signal amps .
Four-channel 100 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality.
Four-channel 9 steps digital controller relay-based pre-volume control can control the source input level from 0DB to -9DB.
Two gain modes, high gain has 20DB and low gain has 10DB, which is more flexibility for the different gain power amp .
5 analog inputs: RCA X2, XLR X2, ACSS X1 ( Even with RCA or XLR inputs, the output still had ACSS available)
3 pre amp outputs: XLR / RCA / ACSS
4 headphone amp outputs: 6.3MM / 4 pins XLR / 3 pins XLR x2

Improvement may result in changes in specifications and design without notice

S/N Ratio: >130DB
THD: <0.0025%
THD+N: <0.0025%
Frequency Band (XLR input): 20Hz - 100KHz (<4DB )
Volume characteristic: 100 steps Supper Exponential Volume Characteristic
Headphone amp Output Power (Balanced class A ): 25 ohm: 15W, 40 ohm: 10W, 100 ohm: 4W, 300 ohm: 1350mW
Headphone amp Output Power (Single-ended class A ): 25 ohm: 4W, 40 ohm: 2500mW, 100 ohm: 1000mW, 300 ohm: 350mW
Gain: High gain :+20DB, Low gain : +10DB
Output Level (Max): 9.5V @ RCA, 19V @ XLR, 6MA @ ACSS
Output Impedance: 10 ohm @ Preamp XLR, 2 ohm @ headamp balanced output
Input Impedance: 94K ohm @ XLR, <5 ohm @ ACSS
Channels cross: < -130DB
Channels imbalance: < 0.01DB
Power Requirement: 1 Version 100-120V AC 50/60 Hz, 2 Version 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 66W Class A @230V or 120V
Transformer Power: 260W (3 unit transformers)
Package Weight: Approximately 20KG
Dimensions: (W) 430mm X (L) 485mm X (H) 123mm (Fully aluminium)
Accessories: Power cord X1

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