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Audio-GD Master 19 - Preamp and Headphone Amplifier with Real Balanced ACSS Design

Fully balanced pure class A design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage.
Total applied 8 pcs exact matching 150W transistors ( In total 1200W ) as the output stages for implement large class A output power .
Uses two R-core transformers (In total 100W ) separate power supplies for the digital control components, right and left channels.
4 groups pure class A PSUs power supply to the audio circuits.
More than 35,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power delivery.
Uses most Hi-end grade parts and exactly matched transistors, OCC wires.
Four-channel 100 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality .
Supper Exponential Volume Characteristic, easy match the volume with very high headphone / speaker without change the gain mode.
16,25DB in total 2 type gain modes can drive the low sensitivity headphone very well.
5 groups input: RCA X2, XLR X2, ACSS X1
Preamp output : XLR / RCA / ACSS
Headphone amp output: 4pins XLR X1 / 6.3MM X1

Improvement may result in changes in specifications and
design without notice.

S/N Ratio: >130DB
THD: <0.003 %
THD + N <0.005 %
Gain: Low Gain : +16 DB (XLR), High Gain : +25DB (XLR)
Volume characteristic: 100 steps Supper Exponential Volume Characteristic
Headphone amp Output Power, (Balanced , Pure Class A )
40 ohm: 9000MW
100 ohm: 3800MW
300 ohm: 1250MW
600 ohm: 630MW
Headphone amp Output Power
(Single-ended , Pure Class A )
40 ohm: 2500MW
100 ohm: 1050MW
300 ohm: 350MW
600 ohm: 175MW
Preamp Output Level (Max): 10V @ RCA, 20V @ XLR, 2.4+2.4MA @ ACSS
Output impedance: 1 ohm
Input impedance: <90K ohm @ XLR, <10 ohm @ ACSS
Frequency Breadth (XLR input): 20Hz - 20KHz ( +/- 0DB ), 1Hz - 220K (+0DB, -3DB)
Channels cross: > 130DB
Channels imbalance: < 0.05DB
Power Requirement: 1 Version 100-120V AC 50/60 Hz, 2 Version 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 45W @240V or 120V
Transformer Power: 100W (2 transformers)
Package Weight: Approximately 7KG
Dimensions: W360 X L360 X H85(MM, Fully aluminium )

Accessories: Power cord X1


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