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1 Year Limited Local Warranty
(subjected to Audio-GD T&C, repair guarantee provided after warranty period, PM for more info)

Audio-GD R28 NOS - All-in-One Fully Balanced Discrete Transistors DAC Headphone Amplifier And Preamplifier

- Fully Balance Discrete Transistors Headamp And Preampamps All In One
- 8 group fully discrete R-2R DA converters (4 pcs DA-8 board) implementing balanced mode.
- 4 fully discrete native DSD decoders work in balanced mode .
- 32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer using the Amanero 384 usb input.
- All inputs with galavanic isolator
- Fully discrete current signal transmission design without OPA in signal path.
- Built in real balanced headphone amp max output power achieve 9500 mW that can drive most headphone easy.
- Support firmware update to improve on sound quality.
- All digital process mode settings accessible by buttons on front (No need to open the chassis)

[What's new in R-28 NOS:]

Some people love the sound of the pure NOS mode , so we design the R-28 NOS that optimize the pure NOS mode, offer the pure musical sound.
The NOS design don't need the main clock signal for working, that is the advantage of the NOS design to avoid the effect by the main clock's jitter.
In the R-28 NOS digital processor, we apply the zero delay technology that guarantee the data and clock exact synchronization for much reduce the jitter.
In the R-28 NOS design , we apply the galavanic isolator before the DA parts and analog parts, isolate the all digital inputs and the digital processor, that offer the better clean sound quality .

[Choice between R-28 2022 and R-28NOS:]

(1) The R-28 2022 has built in Oversampling mode and NOS mode, having the flexibility and choice to select according to personal preference.
(2) The R-28 NOS only built in the optimize NOS mode, suitable for those who like the NOS' smooth and warm sound while still being transparent and tubelike sound.

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