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1 Year Limited Warranty (subject to Moondrop T&C)


>USB Type-C DSP Interface.

>10mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver.

>Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Composite Diaphragm.

>Three Easily Switchable Tuning Profiles.

>Compatible With Moondrop Link 2.0 Application.

>Unlimited Tuning Possibilities With Online Interactive DSP.

>CNC-Machined Brass Acoustic Nozzle.

>Replaceable Nozzle Filters.

>Alloy Casting Technology.

>Unbeatable Performance.

>Interchangeable Cable.

>High-Quality In-Line Microphone.

>Universal 0.78mm Connectors.

>Professional Tuning Adjustments.

>Clear Sound with Ultra-Low Non-Linear Distortion.

Technical information:-

>Impedance: 18Ω±15%.

>Sensitivity: 119dB/Vrms

>THD+N: ≤0.5%.

>Frequency Response: 15Hz-38kHz.

>Effective FR: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin.

>Termination: USB Type-C.

Moondrop introduces a brand-new Type-C terminated variant for its classic Chu II in-ear monitors. The Chu II were released just a few months ago, and they have garnered a lot of praise for their outstanding performance. Moondrop unleashes the full potential of the Chu II with its interactive online DSP technology. With the help of the Moondrop Link 2.0 application on your smartphone, you can explore unlimited tuning possibilities and share them with your friends. By default, we have three different tuning profiles on the Chu II easily accessible using the Link 2.0 application.

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities With DSP:-

Moondrop Chu II DSP comes with a Type-C terminated cable. The pair has online interactive DSP technology that enables unlimited tuning possibilities on the pair. Users can explore different profiles using the Moondrop Link 2.0 application.

CNC Machined Brass Acoustic Nozzle With Replaceable Filters:-

Moondrop Chu II DSP features CNC machined Brass material ear nozzles. It offers highly-precise sound with a beautiful and rich tone. The filter at the mouth of the nozzle is replaceable, in case of damage or blockage, one can simply swap the mouth of the nozzle.

Professional Tuning Adjustments:-

Moondrop Chu II DSP is tuned by senior acoustic engineers and audiophiles with rich knowledge and exotic experience in the audio industry. The pair is tuned in line with the VDSF target response just like the OG model, but with newer higher-quality dome diaphragm, the resulting sound is refined and richer than the OG model. The pair has three tuning settings that can be adjusted using the Moondrop Link 2.0 Application.


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