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The Moondrop GOLDEN AGES features a cutting-edge 13mm planar magnetic driver, utilizing an annular magnetic circuit and diaphragm, as well as a magnetic circuit array consisting of multiple N55 high-performance neodymium magnets. Combined with an annular tiled driving circuit, this driver offers a significantly wider driving range compared to traditional dynamic drivers, and effectively minimizes distortion through a unique double suspension system. Additionally, a rigid equalizing structure is added to reduce split vibration, resulting in exceptional performance ideally suited for TWS.

With a classic design and uncompromising sound quality, it features a state-of-the-art 13mm planar magnetic driver, and supports LDAC, LC3, and wide-band ANC.

Moondrop GOLDEN AGES utilizes the popular LDAC high-definition lossless audio transmission protocol, capable of transmitting 24 bits/96 kHz at bit rates up to 990kbps. This ensures full compliance with hardware dynamic range and broadband requirements. Additionally, the LC3 encoding and decoding protocol supports the latest Bluetooth LE Audio, offering lower latency and superior high-fidelity signal transmission when paired with compatible devices.

Specifications & Features:
-Bluetooth version: 5.3
-Distribution Profile: A2DP/ AVRCP/ HFP / HSP
-Charging Port: USB-C
-Working Distance: 10m
-Earbud Charging Time: 1 hour
-Case Charging Time: 1.5 hours
-Earphone battery capacity: 3.7V/380mAh
-Battery life of earphone: about 6 hours (AAC)
-Battery life of charging case: about 18 hours (AAC)


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