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1 Year Limited Warranty for New Unit Purchase (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

Moondrop Aria - High Performance LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEM Earphone

Aria had been our discontinued product with delicate sound quality and gorgeous appearance. It appeared in our product catalog for a short time and then disappeared. And now, Aria is revived, a brand-new IEM with a new design. It combines balance, openness, fineness, transparency, detailed and atmosphere. It is rich in texture, comfortable to wear and elegant in design. This is a brand new Aria, a brand new design and experience.

- Brass Inner Cavity
- N52 Neodymium Magnet Internal Magnetic Circuit
- 0.035mm CCAW voice coil
- LCP Diaphragm
- High Frequency Phased Waveguide.
- Patented anti clogging filter

Aria adopts 10mm diameter dual-cavity magnetic high-performance dynamic driver, and the whole LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) liquid crystal diaphragm to bring excellent transient response and high-resolution sound details. With the help of the brass cavity's volume control, Aria is able to have a balance response characteristic. The ultra-fine imported Daikoku-CCAW voice coil brings a lightweight suspension system, which makes the sound transparent and natural. The newly designed high-frequency phase waveguide reduces the distortion caused by high-frequency phase interference, makes the treble response smoother, and the treble more delicate and natural.

Aria uses a complex process to create a metal cavity, which is ergonomic while taking into account the aesthetic design, which is as elegant and moving as an art work.

- Metal Injection Molding
- CNC carved processing
- Matte metal spray

Rigorous and meticulous tuning
Like our other dynamic driver unit products, Aria also has a composite sound cavity, multiple tuning holes, and multiple acoustic damping of different specs for precise frequency response adjustments. They ensures to achieve high-spec sound quality and high performance of the driver unit.

Aria comes with a replaceable silver-plated cable with a nylon braided surface. It uses a universal 0.78 dual-pin interface. This enables users have options to replace the stock cable to with-mic cable, bluetooth cable or upgrade cable for different scenarios and more fun.

Model name: Aria
Driver Unit: LCP Liquid Crystal Diaphragm, 10mm diameter double cavity magnetic Diaphragm Dynamic unit
Socket: 0.78pin CM 2PIN
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Frequency response: 5Hz - 36000Hz
Effective frequency response: 20Hz - 20000Hz


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